Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Great Friend with Great Art!

My good friend over at Silents & Talkies and Flapper Doodle is having a great sale! All of her Flapper Doodle 4x6 prints have been reduced from $5 each to $1, her 8x10 prints are reduced from $10 to $5 and her 11x14 prints are reduced from $20 to $10. All of the great Silents and Talkies etsy 8x10 prints are reduced from $15 to $8 and Silents and Talkies non-etsy 8x10 prints are reduced from $15 to $8 and original paintings are reduced from $30 to $15. Her funny art prints are reduced from $15 to $5.
Now those are some great deals especially when you look at the high quality art you would be getting in return. Now I’m not selling you anything but if you could please have a gander and possibly pass it along to someone you know or perhaps even a ReTweet on twitter would help out a lot. If you would like more info you can visit Kate’s original post over on Silents & Talkies.  If you want to you can simply make a donation of any amount to the email address.
It is times like these where the Classic Film community should come together to help one of our own. Kate has provided us all with great content, media and of course art and I know I’m not the only one when I say that I’m very grateful for all she has done.

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