Monday, March 8, 2010

Photography Feature - Too Much Fire

In my first of many Photography Features I'd like to highlight and share the worderfully talented Corey Miller AKA TooMuchFire. I personally do not know Mr. Miller but do enjoy his photography very much. He goes on to say in his profile on flickr that he is a Screen Writer & Producer. Well add great photographer to that list as well Corey. Below I will feature some of my favorite photographs he has taken and the discriptions that accompany them. So please enjoy and feel free to tell Corey how much you enjoy his work.

The Orpheum

Opened in 1926, the Orpheum is the grand dame of theatres on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. Originally a vaudeville house, then a movie theatre, then a live performance venue. Now it's used for private screenings, special performances and for location shoots.

Three million dollars was put into a restoration, making it the best-preserved theatre in the Historic Core.

842 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA.

  Culled from Wikipedia:

Halifax Apartments, originally known as the Cross Arms Apartments, is a historic apartment building in Hollywood. Designed by Walker and Eisen, the building was completed in 1923. The building was originally owned by Leach Cross, who named it the "Cross Arms Apartments." At the time of its opening, it was considered "one of the largest and most beautiful apartment houses in Hollywood." In October 1924, the building sold for $750,000, and the new owner renamed the building the "Halifax Apartments." In 1981, the Halifax was converted to Section 8 housing for senior citizens. As of 2008, it was being operated as low income housing. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

6376 Yucca St., Hollywood CA.


"Opened on August 14, 1936 with "China Clipper", the Del Mar Theater has served the college town of Santa Cruz, California for almost 65 years.After years of struggling through dollar nights and intermittent attendance, the Del Mar was sold in 1999 and closed. After an extensive renovation and restoration, the Del Mar reopened in February of 2002."

1124 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA

"Often Missed"

  We had the best clouds in L.A. yesterday.

19616 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana CA.

**addendum** -- this photo was selected to be a part of the permanent "Architecture of the 50's" exhibit at the new International Bowling Museum being built in Arlington, TX.
I hope you enjoyed these great photographs. I'll be doing more features like this in the future. All photographs belong to the great Corey Miller. He obviously has a great eye for beautiful 1950's art deco style signs and arcutecture. As always thanks for reading and I'll see you in the comments.


  1. Excellent shots, for some excellent theatres (kudos to Corey), which had some more heyday (kudos to you for bringing them to our attention. Nice blog.