Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reel Entertainment: Whats My Line?

In the very first offering of Reel Entertainment I'm going to spot light some of my favorties from the show Whats My Line? On this show some great movie stars appeared to have a panel of guest stars guess who they are. Below are a few of my favorites. As always I'll see you in the comments.

Link Share: The Museum of Orson Welles

As most of you know I'm a huge Orson Welles fan. In fact most of his films are what led me to discover a lot of the classic films I love today. Something I also think (some) of us classic fans forget about though is Classic Radio Programs.  In a lot of homes through the 1930's - 1960's radio was their only form of entertainment. (simply by not being able to afford the new pricer "Televisions")

I know I love listening to old radio programs myself so I thought I would share with you The Museum of Orson Welles. "An ongoing project to compile and present the available radio broadcasts and recorded works of Orson Welles. Series/episode titles and dates are from Jonathan Rosenbaum's Career Chronology in This Is Orson Welles, cross-referenced against Jerry Haendiges' radio logs and verified with the individual broadcasts."

If you love classic radio programs or if your like me and really love listening to the old advertising done in these programs this is a great place for you. It actually has a bit of everything for everyone with some comedy, drama, varitey, documentry, and much more. So head on over and have a listen I hope you enjoy.