Friday, August 20, 2010

I have made a tumblr...

Yes, I decided to make a tumblr solely based on classic film media and information! ( I also have my personal one & my Horror one) so if you could please head on over to and click the follow button I would really appreciate it and i'll be sure to follow you back!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the office - The Stranger 1946

I've actually had this poster for a while but never liked the size of it. (it's rather small) it also had a large border around it that I had to cut off as well but none the less I hung this up at my desk.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reel Entertainment: Whats My Line?

In the very first offering of Reel Entertainment I'm going to spot light some of my favorties from the show Whats My Line? On this show some great movie stars appeared to have a panel of guest stars guess who they are. Below are a few of my favorites. As always I'll see you in the comments.

Link Share: The Museum of Orson Welles

As most of you know I'm a huge Orson Welles fan. In fact most of his films are what led me to discover a lot of the classic films I love today. Something I also think (some) of us classic fans forget about though is Classic Radio Programs.  In a lot of homes through the 1930's - 1960's radio was their only form of entertainment. (simply by not being able to afford the new pricer "Televisions")

I know I love listening to old radio programs myself so I thought I would share with you The Museum of Orson Welles. "An ongoing project to compile and present the available radio broadcasts and recorded works of Orson Welles. Series/episode titles and dates are from Jonathan Rosenbaum's Career Chronology in This Is Orson Welles, cross-referenced against Jerry Haendiges' radio logs and verified with the individual broadcasts."

If you love classic radio programs or if your like me and really love listening to the old advertising done in these programs this is a great place for you. It actually has a bit of everything for everyone with some comedy, drama, varitey, documentry, and much more. So head on over and have a listen I hope you enjoy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Anatomy of Love - Nick & Nora Charles

In this anatomy of love post I highlight one of my favorite couples, Nick & Nora Charles.

For anyone who has seen any of The Thin Man films (I’ve only seen the first two) you know how great these two love and play off each other. Knowing exactly when to joke and when exactly to look into each other’s eyes and share their love, make these two one of best on screen couples. The relationship even extends into our personal lives.

Nick and Nora not only make you laugh but make you reevaluate what a marriage can be. I’m not a blind optimist but I am an optimist none the less. These two (albeit a fictional film) can really make you look at marriage in a different light. They show you that despite problems that may or may not occur in your particular situation can be overcome as long as you come in with the right attitude and above all have love.

Below I have included a scene on the couple I’ve found on youtube uploaded by tedhovis123. Always thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the comments.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Great Friend with Great Art!

My good friend over at Silents & Talkies and Flapper Doodle is having a great sale! All of her Flapper Doodle 4x6 prints have been reduced from $5 each to $1, her 8x10 prints are reduced from $10 to $5 and her 11x14 prints are reduced from $20 to $10. All of the great Silents and Talkies etsy 8x10 prints are reduced from $15 to $8 and Silents and Talkies non-etsy 8x10 prints are reduced from $15 to $8 and original paintings are reduced from $30 to $15. Her funny art prints are reduced from $15 to $5.
Now those are some great deals especially when you look at the high quality art you would be getting in return. Now I’m not selling you anything but if you could please have a gander and possibly pass it along to someone you know or perhaps even a ReTweet on twitter would help out a lot. If you would like more info you can visit Kate’s original post over on Silents & Talkies.  If you want to you can simply make a donation of any amount to the email address.
It is times like these where the Classic Film community should come together to help one of our own. Kate has provided us all with great content, media and of course art and I know I’m not the only one when I say that I’m very grateful for all she has done.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scene Selection – 1935’s Top Hat

Last night, to be frank wasn’t a good one. My older girls wouldn’t stay in bed and my youngest simply was fussy the whole night through. Not the best way to try and watch Classic Film. In the middle of all this racket and arguing and just over all bad energy the “Lovely Day” scene from 1935’s Top Hat starring Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers caught my eye.

First of all any time a classic film includes rain in a scene it just adds that much more potential to it. The opening dialog is also great, the way Fred pronounces his words as your run of the mill cabbie really adds to it. The dancing in this scene is also great and I really haven’t an eye for that sort of thing. The way a lot of the moves were choreographed to be flowing when it starts to pick up towards the end with a clash of thunder really ends the scene on a high note for me.

The biggest and best part for me was the sound. Unlike some classic film fans I like my audio untouched (within reason) on the account of me preferring the way it can make thunder, rain, and especially one’s voice sound. This point really shines in the opening dialog. Below I’ve included the scene so that you can see the magic happen for yourself. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the comments.